Top 5 of Photographic Series

by | 18 December 2017 | photography

There are artists whose works must be observed and analyzed in detail, and yet we always discover something that has gone unnoticed. The five photographers that we gather in this Top 5 are totally capable of transmitting a feeling of being in a mixture of the real and the illusory.

To teleport to the place where they are made, today we bring you in this Top 5 of Photographic Series a walk through half the world.

 ‘Land of Nothingness’ – Maroesjka Lavigne

First, the photographer Maroesjka Lavigne from the hand of her series ‘Land of Nothingness’, she recounts a journey through time and color. The vast immensity and the roundness of the landscape of Namibia contrast with the softness of the tones that color it.

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‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ – Alicia Peiró

Continuing with our Top 5 of Photographic Series, we show you in second place a funny series by the Valencian artist Alicia Peiró, in a nod to Wes Anderson’s feature film. With her camera, Peiró writes stories inspired by director’s films, through images where symmetry and color take center stage.

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‘Hors saison’ – Fabien Fourcaud

The concept “territory” can be understood as the way in which people interact with the environment. But what happens when that relationship does not occur?

Abandonment, loneliness, empty spaces hardly imaginable inhabited. For the photographer Fabien Fourcaud the absence of life in the areas destined for summer tourism is the leitmotiv of the photographic series ‘Hors saison’ / ‘Out of season’.

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‘m m’ – Marietta Varga

Continuing with our ranking, we bring you this series of the Hungarian photographer Marietta Varga, ‘m m’. The metaphor of reproduction and personal relationships is embodied in it. The author shows a very deep and dramatic interpersonal psychology in this series that, as she explains, is dedicated to love.

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 ‘On his own’ – Pawel Franik

Finally, to finish with our Top 5 of photographic series, the photographer Pawel Franik. In his series ‘On his own’ each photograph shows a different protagonist, located in a space very different from the previous one, but with a common denominator: the feeling of loneliness and complete calmness.

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