Top 5 projects in Madrid

New developments is a unic moment for architects: they have the opportunity to create their dream design from scratch and control every step to try to make the result as close as possible to their main idea. In big cities it’s more usually the rehabilitation of spaces, thus gets a double life for the same walls. In the last few years there are very interesting new projects  in Madrid and also rehabilitation of which we have spoken before in More With Less.

Today we collect these five projects to keep you updated of the latest facilities in Madrid.

Shop for Jonndo

This store mix the urban space and the commercial one blurring the boundaries of both. It’s a traditional space in the centre of Madrid, very narrow and at the same time with great depth, with added mirrors to create the sensation of greater visual space. Its innovation lies in the design of this new generated space which has all the needs of the customers of this shoe store.

SelgasCano offices

The idea of working in the forest was what attracted the architects José Selgas and Cano Lucia. To do this, they created this space in the forests near Madrid in which nature mark the rhythm. With this offices they got an ideal place to work and create together with its panoramic view of the place at ground level.


Former industrial buildings have become a sought-after piece for rehabilitation in big cities and with it getting a new/double life. BOX IN THE BOX, a project developed by the study of architecture Arenas Basabe Palacios, transformed a warehouse into a cultural and sport association for young people.


Casa Cala

This house, designed by the Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza, reminds us of the Raumplan by Adolf Loos concept but embedded in the West side of Madrid. Its 12 x 12 meters square plant is divided in four squares of 6 x 6 meters, creating double-height spaces. At the top we find a large frame with spectacular views that fit the landscape, another reference to the modern movement.


Sports Pavilion and classrooms

We can’t finnish this compilation without mention another creation of Alberto Campo Baeza in Madrid, exactly in Pozuelo de Alarcón, on the campus of the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. The building contains sports courts, swimming pools, classrooms, multi-purpose rooms, gym and other auxiliary facilities inside two boxes with structure in steel, all painted in white.