Top 5 Universities and Professional Schools

Universities and professional schools have the duty to shape the future of societies. Between its walls the leaders of the future grow, that is why its architecture must represent the main values of education. The seriousness or solemnity in its materials, accompanied by the light of solidarity and creativity. There must have wide spaces , where students find concentration and meeting. A grat number of yards and classrooms where they can debate and grow. And a functional program according to all the activities.

This ranking of Universities and Professional Schools that we propose today in More With Less we hope it can inspire more than one reader.


KAIT workshop: flexibility, light, inspiration

It is not the same studying and researching in a house of a standard expansion result of the housing bubble than in the Salk Institute of Kahn or the Crawn Hall of Mies. Surely some of that Junya Ishigami had in mind when he conceived the KAIT wokshop. The working place for the Kanagawa Institute of Technology (KAIT) near Tokyo. A clear example of architecture as an influential agent in the way people relate and behave to create environments that favor certain purposes. In this case, collective work, exchange of ideas, creativity and horizontality.

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Gandía Kid University

In this project of the paredespedrosa study, six large existing mulberry trees and a trapezoidal garden in the Ausias March Park have been established by the Gandía Children’s Popular University, which builds the perimeter of this parterre on the southern shore of the Serpis River, clear around the mulberries.

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Cooking school in a former slaughterhouse

The rehabilitation of this building, made by the studio Sol89, is located in a former slaughterhouse of the nineteenth century, formed by three cradles around a patio and a large emptiness of cattle arrival in Medina Sidonia, to become a new cooking school.

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The Bakala Academy, has established a sports research building with a small footprint and in relation to the green surroundings

The Bakala Academy, designed by the Belgium studio, Bogdan & Van Broeck, creates a marriage with the surrounding landscape with its circular design for a sports research facility. The building responds to a need for a state-of-the-art research and testing center. It comes from the public-private partnership between the University of Leuven and a high-level cycling team. It seeks to provide excellent services focused primarily on performance for cyclists as well as athletes from all disciplines.

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Andalusian Institute of Biotechnology by Sol89

The Andalusian Institute of Biotechnology is located in one of the lots of the 1992 Universal Exhibition, in Seville. It is the result of a competition called by a society of medical companies, won by the studio Sol 89 with Francisco González and Salvador Méndez. The place is saturated with tertiary buildings, with high-flown singularities, inheritance of the pavilions of the exhibition. In contrast, the projected building seeks calm, being a silent presence.

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