Top Graphic 2017

2017 has brought to More with less some very good graphic projects: graphic identities, posters and publications of all kinds. We loved it and we want to remind you of the best of the year in this Top Graphic 2017.

Porto new identity, much more than a simple icon

Porto is a city filled with life, with character, with icons and symbols, with habits and ways of living, with landmarks, landscapes and a very particular horizon. A city that could not be summed up in a few buildings. A city that is alive, and its graphic identity has been one of the most visited posts in More with less in 2017.


“Three colors cities” a minimalistic style to represent 8 cities

Nick Barclay, art director and senior designer is characterised by following a clear, smart and minimalistic style in his work. His last project is called “Three colors cities”, a graphic work where the designer tried to represent 8 cities of the world by using geometrical shapes and just three colours:  New York, Paris, London, San Francisco, Berlin, Rome, Madrid and Sydney.


Minimal editorial design plus black equals great design


Argentinian graphic designer Fede Kanno avoids any colour on this minimal editorial design ; ‘Septième Art’, a minimal cinema magazine. Black fonts and black and white images create a whole picture in which free space rules.


Helping the world to become a minimalist graphic designer

Studio Standard presents a template to create a stylish magazine with a minimalist editorial design approach. This  minimalist template allows any individual ‘to become’ a graphic designer emphasizing a simple grid, empty spaces, and no horror vacui philosophy.


Sonicisual, a minimalist editorial design


The main purpose of this minimalist editorial design is not image but sound. Singaporean Valerie Ng creates a book based on an editorial design with a smart layout. The task involves two main features: an attractive design, clear, light and minimal, and a guide to the sounds of Singapore.