Top Interviews 2017

In 2017,More with less has spoken with several of our favorite architects, designers, and photographers, to share with you what they think. These are the most popular interviews compiled in this Top Interviews 2017.


Daniel Rueda: ‘I try to tell as much as possible with the minimum’

Daniel Rueda is the most popular interview: a photographer, architect, content creator and creative from Valencia who has managed to combine all these sides in the same direction.



Lebrel Studio: ‘I take design as a way to solve a problem or a concern’

Interview with Fernando Abellanas, craftman and Lebrel Studio’s designer, mainly dedicated to the design and production of furniture.



Arquitectura G: a studio with a restless spirit

This is our interview with Arquitectura G, the studio awarded with the ASCER prize of interior design in 2013 and the Mies van der Rohe Prize for best emerging architect in 2015.



RÄS studio: “Working with pre-existence is extremely delicate and complex”

RÄS Studio is project born as an answer to the tempestuous architecture outlook. Due to the crisis, they have been able to provide an alternative answer to the sector: housing renovation. This is their interview.



Martín Azúa: ‘The most interesting expression of creative intelligence is intuition’

Martín Azúa is a basque designer living in Barcelona. He combines his work as a designer with teaching at the Elisava School in Barcelona, but he still finds the time to work on personal projects, which gives him the chance to research and try new things. This is his interview.