Torei, a tray of the bauhaus

Torei is the name that receives one of the latest products of New Tendency. A young design studio that in a short time has become one of the most important in Germany. Based in Berlin New Tendency applies the principles of modernist design to contemporary objects of everyday life. Its products are characterized by a conceptual design, following a clean aesthetic and functional form, handmade in Germany.


Sebastian Schönheit and Manuel Goller, a former student of Bauhaus University in Weimar are the founders of New Tendency. In his designs we can see the influence of the Bauhaus inspired by his poetic and spiritual tone. Where the product in addition to being efficient and functional, transmits its own history.


Torei is a tray made through minimal graphic forms

Torei is a tray that offers different possibilities. On the one hand, it can be used as a tray to serve products. But also its use can be decorative element with the functionality of keeping different elements visible and in an orderly manner.


Torei is made of a sheet of flat and ultra-thin hand-welded steel. Available in two different sizes. With matte powder finish in Umbra, Sand and Orange, among others, it gives a natural look to this piece of minimalist design.