Totana, born from the contrast of the landscapes

Totana is a lamp designed by Isaac Piñeiro for Pottery Project. This is a designer born in Pontevedra, with the headquarters in Barcelona. He was co-founder of the Nadadora multidisciplinary studio, but in 2017 he creates his own studio. He draws on his ideas in intuitive products, on the basis of the conception and the production of the design.

On the other hand, Pott is a company that works with millennial ceramics from Totana, Murcia. In this locality there is a lot of hands-on workshops of pottery, and it’s known because of this. All of this, although it’s carried out in a handcrafted way, it evolves in a formal way. The forms, more especially, are based in the nature, that’s how they create this products.

In this case, Totana is a fusion between this two points of view. Inspired mainly from the place where it’s born the raw material, it’s born this lamp. Based on this landscapes, and playing with the tones that brings the mud. Opposing light and shadows, fire and water,… Contrasting everything.

Totana for Pott, it’s born in the geographic origin of the brand. This is made by hand and it’s natural, with sand tones, and with a simple finish

This is made of two parts. One it is the surrounding part. This creates the gesture of the lamp, rounded, allowing to spread this. At the same time, inspired in the classics of ceramics. On the other hand, there is the lineal structure, defined as a line, which holds all the structure, and crosses the lamp from the top till the bottom.

It’s bon then Totana, bringing warmth, and showing a relation between material and light. It is presented in three different colours: terracotta, dark brown, green and grey. This colours, are directly references from the nature. This way it is presented and harmony between the colour and the form. The size of this can change in it’s handcrafted fabrication.