Tronco, ceramic pieces with strong Nordic influence

Tronco is a series of pieces made in ceramics made by the young designer Andro Yurac. During his time as a student at the Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland.


The design of this set of pieces has been designed for both hot and cold drinks. Containers of different sizes whose main function is to contain liquid.

The formal result of these pieces is born from its own manufacturing process. The designer uses a middle section of the trunk of a tree to generate the mold, where later the emptying will take place.

Nature is the inspiration for the Tronco series



The Tronco series of products seeks to link productive processes with sources from nature that are directly related to their local context, Finland. For the same reason, the pieces are the reflection of an existing formality and coming from the nature but that, thanks to a new process, materiality and use, are transformed into a product.

Tronco seeks a recontextualization towards a simple and sincere object. A product that connects with its origin and which in turn is recognizable its relation to the local context to which it is linked.



Andro Yurac has based the development of the Tronco series on a variety of objects from conceptual study. Giving great importance to materiality and under the premise of formal and constructive simplicity. In the result of their designs we can observe simplicity and functionality through simple forms.

A work where the user can see reflected the local context in which their pieces are born. The designer uses nature, culture and the territorial as the main source of resources and influence when designing. This establishes a great relationship between their projects and what happens around them.



Photography: Teresa Nurmioja