Turn on functionality and beauty

Turn on, a table lamp developed by German industrial designer Joel Hoff. Awarded the HAY Talent Award in 2014 thanks to this project. In addition to working for companies such as HAY Joel also develops products for Crane and Gaggenau. Products focused on mass production that do not encourage mass consumption of them. With the aim of inspiring people to have less products but of higher quality and durability.


The Turn on lamp is part of the Wrong for Hay collection. A collaboration between the Danish design brand Hay and the London designer Sebastian Wrong who assumes the creative direction of the collection. Wrong for Hay, makes its debut at the London Design Festival 2013 with a collection of items ranging from lighting to ceramics, textiles, glassware and furniture.


Turn on design features a contemporary blend of form, materials and functionality

Turn on is a intelligent little table lamp. Its design unifies the different components of the product. A cylinder with its faceted faces contains the mechanism and also works as a switch. A practical and easy to use lamp. The user should only turn the cylindrical base clockwise to turn it on. As it rotates, the intensity of the light increases. On the contrary, if the user turns it upside down, the intensity of the light decreases until the lamp is completely turned off.


Its dimensions, together with a soft and diffused light, allow it to be a perfect lamp for a bedside table or shelf. In addition, Joel Hoff accompanies the design with four anodized finishes to give the product more versatility: black, aluminum, orange or green. Their colors are perfectly unified with the spherical screen made of opaque glass.