U-1, a universal speaker and lasting in time

U-1, is the name that receives the project of Hank Beyer. A young student of industrial design at the University of Cincinnati (USA). Throughout his academic training he has carried out projects of industrial specialty. These projects have been recognized with different publications and featured on the behance platform.

U1-Hank Beyer-speaker-More-With-Less

U-1, is a simple and minimalistic aesthetic speaker with an idea behind. The designer wanted to make a durable speaker over time. Out of fashions and trends that would produce a short life cycle in the product. And this produces in the user the need to purchase a new product that performs the same function.

The U-1 speaker tries to surpass a temporary world, to realize durable products in the time

To achieve a speaker not influenced by its aesthetics the designer simplified the product. This eliminates all the elements that are not necessary until it reaches the essence of its function. Remaining only with a case square with cube shape, charge of containing the parts and elements necessary for its funtionability.

The parts that make up the product casing were made with acrylic panels cut with laser. They were later painted and assembled. One face contains the holes for wiring, buttons and ventilation. Another side of the bucket is completely smooth, as it will be in contact with the bearing surface. And finally, the four remaining faces are bored and will be responsible for broadcasting the sound.

We are at a time when design is constantly changing and renewing products. We do not have products that evolve with their environment and reduce the environmental impact with its durability. Hank Beyer has made this project under the concept of “good design”: innovative, useful, aesthetic and lasting.