Unfold, ceramic module which transports us to a natural environment

Paola Suarez, Roberto Prades, Carlota Rodríguez, students in Superior School of Design Madrid, they have developed Unfold. A ceramic project is a collaboration between their school and the School of Ceramic Francisco Alcantara, which has been responsible for the production of the project.


Unfold is a ceramic project designed to moving sensations of the courtyard to user. Freedom, vegetation, use of light and the smells are factors that transport us to a more natural environment.

Unfold has been designed as a decorative piece with which we can interact to create a more natural environment. Adapting our modules into space

Faceted product forms generate different reflections when the light comes into contact with it. These effects of light and shadow create space. This achieves that the design itself interact with itself when the light comes into contact with the material. This provides great versatility both indoors and outdoors, taking advantage of the maximum space both small and large facades homes.


The versatility of the part is one of the most important factors product development, through a single module are generated eight different possibilities. Changing the opening side of the piece or rotating it. Acquiring a personalization environment where the user can interact with the modules to achieve the desired effect.


Unfold combines the simplicity of its forms, functionality and versatility of its design to increase the decorative possibilities in different spaces. Moving the user to an environment with high natural hues.


Actually Unfold is preparing for sale and distribution to the public. Taking advantage of the demand generated during this year as Producto fresco and Public Design Fest both exhibitions at Matadero Madrid.