Unknown Geometries. Milan-Florida


Giorgio Stefanoni is a young Italian art director, digital designer and photographer who lives in Milan. His designs and photographs show a synthetic style with pure geometry and with a very strong presence of color.

unknown-geometries-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-10 unknown-geometries-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-9

In Unknown Geometries he offers us his particular view of Milan through some carefully chosen architectures. The series is notable for its uniformity in composition and chromaticism, defining a clear and recognizable personality

unknown-geometries-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-8 unknown-geometries-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-7

Unknown Geometries mixes saturated blue sky with architectural volumes in grayscale and pink pastel

It is inevitable that simple forms, the play of light and shadows generated by the movement of the planes and the color palette used by the artist remind us the Mexican architects Luis Barragan and Ricardo Legorreta or some works of the spaniard  Ricardo Bofill. They used the color as a means to emphasize the harmony of its architectural and landscape relations and studied the feelings that causes on people color in space.

unknown-geometries-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-6 unknown-geometries-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-5

Unknown Geometries traps the aesthetics of these essential works to propose a different visual minimalist style. Photographs breathe sea breeze. They transport everyone that look at them to a Milan that has moved to Florida or the Mexican coast.

unknown-geometries-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-4 unknown-geometries-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-3 unknown-geometries-more-with-less-magazine-arquitectura-2

Photography by Giorgio Stefanoni