Valencia, place of #6ENAD

The next 20 and 21 September, in the ADCV, Association of Designers of the Valencian Community, will host the 6ENAD, National Meeting of Design Associations. This event will also coincide with the celebration of the Habitat Fair and the Valencia Disseny Week 2018.

ENAD is a meeting of designers and representatives of public bodies, business sector and academia throughout Spain, with the aim of dialogue and enhance collaboration to reflect on the present and plan for the future, providing solutions through design to social and economic needs.

Pic: Creatias

This National Meeting has the participation of designers, representatives of public bodies, the business sector and academia. Its main objective is to open a dialogue, reflect and promote collaboration with the purpose of thinking about the present, planning the future and providing solutions through design to social and economic needs.

As a novelty with regard to previous meetings in which a theme was lacking, this # 6ENAD will deal with a specific subject. Vicente Gallega, president of the READ, states: In this edition of the ENAD we have opted to go deeper into a single topic: Design Policy, since we are convinced of the importance for a region or country of relying on the design sector to conceive innovative social and economic development strategies. Rafael Armero, president of the ADCV, says in this regard: We know that in order to create knowledge and economy, bridges with design foundations must be built. Generate networks not only in our national territory, but internationally. The experience of the ADCV in the European Parliament has confirmed the importance of this since we will be able to work so that the design continues to be present in the European strategic plans. The ENAD is an example of this connection in Spain and this edition is consolidated with its international side.

The graphic image of the meeting has been created by the design studio Creatias. The # 6ENAD is an activity subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports and by the Program of Internationalization of Spanish Culture (PICE) of Spanish Cultural Action (AC / E) modality of Visitors. It has the support of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ajuntament de València, Feria Valencia and Las Naves, and is sponsored by Feria Habitat.