Making Variable – An act of reading. How do we read online?

by | 29 November 2016 | Graphic, Students projects, Sweden

Have you ever thought about how we read a text in an online environment? Making Variable – An act of reading is a project that analyses the behaviour of the reader in an online context, characterised for a brief read full of evanescent impressions. This project is designed by Tove Jeppsson-Bohlin, as the final project for her Master of Fine Arts and Design at the School HDK (Academy of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg, Sweden.


The designer tells us that this project has allowed her to create tools and methods to investigate and think over the notation between the reader and the text in an online context through interpretive practices. Leaving behind reflective analysis methods.


“Reading becomes looking, text evolves into image, image becomes a visual text.”



Making Variable – An act of reading, merge from five publications, (#1 to #5) which are dependent on each other. However, the publications have variable components in each publication.

The graphical aspects, as well as the format, are one of those variables in the publications. For example, in #1 “Visual translation” the format and the cover are very important for the overall publication. The cover is printed on a black photographic paper sensitive to fingerprints, which makes every reader leave their traces. “Floating pages” publication number #5, consist of eight posters creating volume inform of wavy shapes on the paper.


The typography is an important element referring to the conceptualization and transmission for the project, its distinguished by an impersonal character, free of any meaning. It is rather the composition and the structure of the text that is transmitting the narrative.


(Un)titled dialogue“, number #2, is an online publication that combines text and images and allows the reader to alter stories in order to create new narratives. The text and images that appear on the screen have been removed from their original context in order for the reader to give them another sense. Once you load the page the narrative that you have created disappears and a new story emerges. Everything is in a constant alteration, nothing is everlasting.



Making Variable – An act of reading is a complex project with a wide variety of details, if you are interested in Tove’s work, you have the chance to get more information on her website, where you can find an extensive review of each of the publications.


A very interesting project, that provides tools for the design conceptualizing process based on the reader’s behaviour, in this case in an online environment.


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