Velvet Coat, elegance expressed through a type based identity

The brand Velvet Coat is a fashion retailer with two boutiques. One in Downtown Iowa city founded in 2000 and a second, opened in 2007, in the East Village Des Moines. Both located in the state of Iowa in the United States.

Velvet Coat is a fashion and accessories store that gathers emerging designers and brings eclectic collections from classics to the newest tendencies.

The Velvet Coat identity has been designed by the studio Kiku Obata & Company based in London and St Louis set up in 1977.

The design consultancy is specialized in identity, editorial and environmental design, and the majority of their projects are related to the fields of art, culture and commerce.

The logotype is created by the conjunction of three different serif typefaces, this way the typographic logo becomes unique with a timeless and chic appearance. For the body type, the studio has chosen a modern sans serif that contrast with the excess of elegance on the logotype so combining both typographies leads to a contemporary look of the overall view of the brand.

Regarding the printed matter, the materials used are affordable and staple, however, it still maintains the refined quality and details.

Velvet Coat doesn’t have an online shop though their website has a very important role in the concept store. The website is used to introduce the brand in a bigger context than the physical space and have a distinct digital presence in order to introduce the brand to the costumers but also to future designers collaborations.

The site is highly interactive with each new visit the website generates randomly different combinations of photographs from the designs of each brand.

The photography is in a second background, after the typography. Even though each photograph is differing so much from one designer to another, the color palette of this photos as its similarities. Most of the clothes have warm colors such as red, yellow, brown, pale pink, beige. Nevertheless its intensity it’s rather bright compared to the neutral backgrounds on the photographies.

Velvet Coat is an identity based entirely on typography, Kiku Obata & Company moved away from the usual identities in these types of companies in which the product is usually the most relevant element in the identity through photography. Kiku Obata & Company commit to the typography as the resource to illustrate the aesthetics and values of the brand.