Vers une industrie légère, rethinking industrial atmospheres

Once upon a time there was a small company whose activity related to wood and furniture. They needed a place to work in and chose a privileged plot of land in a forest on the slope of a small mountain. With great effort and step by step, the company’s industrial complex was built. The ensemble showed a careful consideration to the natural landscape and context: only a few white buildings surrounded by trees. But then the neighbouring plots were sold and there were no trees, no forest and the landscape quickly changed. Now, surrounded by industrial areas grey and full of concrete boxes, the woodworking company has decided to build a new factory building to achieve a unique approach to its clients, disassociating itself from the adjoining factories and companies. Spain and Mexico based architecture firm Outeda y Táboas joined forces with the company and the result is Vers une industrie légère, a new way of understanding industrial atmospheres.

vers une industrie légère-outedaytaboas-luis diaz diaz-architecture-arquitectura-more-with-less-design-01vers une industrie légère-outedaytaboas-luisdiazdiaz-architecture-arquitectura-more-with-less-design-03

Located in Barro, Spain, Vers une industrie légère is more than a factory building. It is a place where the clients and the workers can enjoy the industrial process. New trees were planted to remind of the raw material used inside the building and to serve as resting areas. The façade was made by the workers themselves, thereby strengthening the relationship between the people who work in there and the building.

vers une industrie légère-outedaytaboas-luisdiazdiaz-architecture-arquitectura-more-with-less-design-04

Vers une industrie légère is a place where industry, environment and people co-exist in harmony valuing its surrounding landscape and nature instead of destroying it

vers une industrie légère-outedaytaboas-luisdiazdiaz-architecture-arquitectura-more-with-less-design-05

In contrast to the white existing buildings and the interior of the new one – a single nave with a large well-lit white space inside – , the façade panels were made in dark grey colour, as well as the gabled roof, in order to achieve a monolithic appearance.

vers-une-industrie-legere-outedaytaboas-luisdiazdiaz-architecture-arquitectura-more-with-less-design-11 vers-une-industrie-legere-outedaytaboas-luisdiazdiaz-architecture-arquitectura-more-with-less-design-06vers-une-industrie-legere-outedaytaboas-luisdiazdiaz-architecture-arquitectura-more-with-less-design-07vers-une-industrie-legere-outedaytaboas-luisdiazdiaz-architecture-arquitectura-more-with-less-design-08vers-une-industrie-legere-outedaytaboas-luisdiazdiaz-architecture-arquitectura-more-with-less-design-09vers-une-industrie-legere-outedaytaboas-luisdiazdiaz-architecture-arquitectura-more-with-less-design-10

Photography is by Luis Díaz Díaz