Verso, shelf with the minimum point of support

Verso is a shelf designed by Mikko Halonen for the brand Hem. First of all, let’s talk about the designer. Mikko Halonen has studied arts and design in Helsinki. Currently, he has an ecologic and aesthetic vision for the design. On the other hand, with the headquarters in Stockholm, Hem works with a huge range of architects and designers. They defend a quality design, not complicated, accessible and responsible, between another qualities.



From the beginning, the first impression that gave us Verso, is that it has the shape of a ladder. It’s an advantage because in this way it can be easily moved and it works in the most of the places, being a home, a office,… The idea is to support and hold all the objects that want to be near. It has a standard size, and wide to leave the most of the things.



In Verso it is reflected the minimalist and functional design. Where function, versatility and shape are the key to highlight as a design, but fundamentally to go unnoticed



The main vision for Verso is that you can also leave there some clothes or accessories. Not only books or magazines. So, in this way, you can have a personalized and decorative element with your personal stuff. Thanks to its form, it can be sended as a flat-pack, being this way more easy to transport and deliver more quantity.



On the other hand, is very versatile, because it can be also personalized the distribution. It has a support accessories, to leave the books or magazines on it. Is a detail to remark, because it allows to the user organize better the space. And, talking about the size, there are two options: one more wide, and the other more thing. So, in this way, the user can play with the size and the space.



Talking about the colours, they are basically white, black and natural wood. On the other hand, the auxiliar parts, can be combined, creating in this way an harmony. Is a contemporary shelf with the form of a ladder. With the minimum point of support, so it’s not accumulated dust.