Via Padova, irresistible Italian design

A few months ago Studio Nugno was commissioned the new graphic identity of Via Padova, a well-known area in Milan with a very unhealthy reputation. The project consisted of working to achieve a change of that image, representing Via Padova as a welcoming space for each of its citizens. Certainly, the city needed a visual system that could simplify communication with people. Without a doubt, an ambitious and challenging proposal.


Studio Nugno is a design studio created by Luca Amoriello, an Italian designer who, despite living and working in the Irish capital, Dublin, located almost on the edge of Europe, works with personalities from around the world. Luca Amoriello, obsessed with design since age 12, uses it to allow people to inspire, interact and connect with each other, and with this philosophy he has managed to work with several of the most ambitious brands in the world. He describes himself as a person with thoughts and ambitions out of the box.


Via Padova is an area in Milan that needed a makeover


They decided to use the letter V to represent a handshake between two people and, therefore, to symbolize the union of a community. A simple but meaningful icon that stands proudly on each and every one of the stationery articles developed and reviews for Via Padova, an area that required a unifying message that managed to change its image.


The Via Padova project has brought together the characteristics and ambitions of Studio Nugno for an attractive and pleasant result of sharing.