The passion and the craft of Vifa in its loudspeakers

This serie of loudspeakers of Vifa has been designed to add the technology innovation without putting aside the design and what apports this to the user. Collaborating in this project mainly with Kvadrat, the Danish leader of fabrics in Europe. Contrast between cold and warm materials contributes to this special feeling in all of the speakers. The Nordic and distinctive character of the Vifa products is indisputable. And the esthetic components and technology works together.


Design, technology and quality goes together on the Vifa loudspeakers


The blend between crafts with the contemporary life, describes in one sentence Copenhagen. This loudspeaker has a Nordic light that matches with any music and setting. Simple to use and transport. With the cold aluminium frame and the warm tissue, shows a beautiful contrast between the materials. It has been awarded with the IF Design Award and the Red Dot Design Award 2014 as the better product design.


Oslo, with rounded forms, the softness, and how the technology is integrated into this product,… This has more alive colours, with a surprising texture. Easy to move and put on the places, goes along with any interior, but made to be witnessed. With only touching it is appreciated the craftsmanship, durability and quality of this product.


Helsinki, designed to last, to have a large relation between the user and the product. This is free of movement for its size. It has a leather strip selected and elaborated by the Tärnsjö Gaveri Swedish manufacturing leather. Small and compact, with a battery and Bluetooth connection. Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2016 for the better product design. This follows you wherever you go.


Finally, with Stockholm we can see the main principles of Nordic design: high quality, timeless and simple. Is compacted and coincide with the ambience of the room. Furthermore Vifa plays constantly with the materials, being an important role. This has a remote control. You have access to all the music when it’s convenient. It allows you multiple transmissions of music. It’s wireless too and compatible with any electronical device.


With its different variants, Vifa reaches to a wide level of different users for the designs presented for specific necessities


Create truly sound is a question of orchestration. The art of playing with the components and the technology. Human factor and the love for the music allows to get this evolution of the loudspeakers. So the philosophy of Vifa is based on this, so they want to share their passion.