Villa Tranquille, how to catch the landscape with a simple geometric game

Villa Tranquille is located in Saint-André-de-Sangonis, a southern region in France. It is settle in a ver complex area, although with a beautiful view of the Hérault valley, the Artelabo architecture studio designs this white, minimalist but yet tradictional house.villa-tranquille-more-with-less-design-magazine-2

Located in a complicated place,because of its high altitude and being between roads, its environment. A very hostile place to generate an intimate and silence project. The main objective of Villa Tranquille is to wrap itself in this landscape, but not losing an introverted look, an isolated refuge.

Villa Tranquille is designed from a simple geometry that orders and gives meaning and harmony to its architecture.


Villa Tranquille is designed by a geometric pattern. It is based on the measures that the topography, legal limits and program allowed. The main floor is divided into units of 3m x 4m, displaced one from the other, generating a dynamic movement. These will be the constructed volumes.villa-tranquille-more-with-less-design-magazine-1

On the other hand, the empty spaces nearby, are the room’s courtyards. In this way Villa Tranquille is designed with an ordered and democratic logic, simple and effective. These four volumes and their respective yards, lie enclosed on a wall that contains them.

Villa Tranquille is painted inside and outside in white, like the old farms and cottages of the area. The inclined tiled roofs also remember the traditional constructions. Although inside the large windows and minimalist and contemporary aesthetics predominate in the design.


Villa Tranquille, means precisely what its name indicates us, a space that transmits calm and tranquility to its users. A refuge from the noisy and city lights. As simple and as efficient as the genesis and development of the project itself.


Photos by Marie-Caroline Lucat.