‘Visual Urbanism’ by Konrad Langer


Under the title ‘Visual Urbanism’ by Konrad Langer, he captures us with his ability to catch everyday scenes of architectural and street themes. Known with the pseudonym of Konaction in social media, this self-taught photographer based in Berlin also dazzles with the exquisite treatment of color and composition that he provides to each snapshot.

Through his photographic work, one can appreciate the exhaustive dedication of Langer to capture, for example, singular architectures in a way that generates the most interesting perspectives.



Geometric and colorful perspectives set the pace in the photographs that make up ‘Visual Urbanism’ by Konrad Langer.


With great influence of the work of other artists in social media, the photographer is characterized by working with a consistent and homogeneous content, becoming for example the architectural framing in one of its hallmarks. Using the streets of Berlin, mainly as a field of action, the artist has become one of the photographers to follow closely in recent years.

Another quality to highlight of this photographer is the care for light and tone in his snapshots. These resources are present throughout his work, and to a certain extent also help to express a certain minimalist aesthetic.

Whether due to the variation in the amount of light, the climatic influence and the pictorial nature of the scene, Konrad Langer manages to capture the formal purity of both large architectural works and more ordinary elements.


The compositional capacity in the photographs of ‘Visual Urbanism’ by Konrad Langer is not limited exclusively to representative buildings. Not much less, but their ability to generate extraordinary perspectives also concerns everyday scenes. In short, street and urban photography ends up becoming another of its extraordinary strengths.