Weducer, and the alternatives of Kaffeeform

Weducer cup is a thermos made of coffe designed by Kaffeeform. This small company was born in hands of Julian Lecher, product designer, in Berlin 2015. He was curious and was looking for something new and lasting. He saw the opportunity to work with a waste product that we generate daily: coffee. This is a waste, that it could work as a material, and then apply it to a one product, and generate a circular economy.



As we know, coffee is a beverage that it’s present in most of the cultures. On the other hand, the intake of this is constantly growing. The questions that Julian thought where such as where does the grain of the coffee end, how it could persist and reuse it. Three years later experimenting with it, he discovered how to make this material. And once created, pursue it to a product



The solidity of Kaffeeform it’s curious, because it was made durable and strong, at the same time as light. Furthermore, the texture is similar to the marble, the colour of the wood, and of course, with the aroma of coffee. Showing, once more, that design and sustainability could work hand in hand. What’s more, the material it’s drop-tested and it can be used in the dish washer. It is thermal insulation, BPA free, cruelty free and recyclable.



The composition and the finishes of Weducer, and of the other products, transmits sensibility and simplicity in its products, such as quality


The recollection of the coffee for Weducer, is from a messenger collective that goes around with bicycle. They collect the milled and used coffee from cafeterias in Berlin, and bring it to a social workshop, where it’s all the manufacturing process done. All it’s local made. And also, the material of Weducer, has other sustainable resources of vegetable origin, which get’s harden with biopolymer.



Weducer cup it’s a profitable alternative to enjoy the drink while you’re moving. It has a capacity of 300 mil, each composition of the cups is unique, with a packaging free of plastics.



What is seek in reality is to remodel the consumers habits trying to integrate sustainability in the people’s life. Working in a local, social and fair way.