Wee, the desk that keeps you active

Wee is a desk designed by Simonas Palovis. This is a product designer, which actually is studying a masters. He believes in a design which has a balance between function and the aesthetic. But always with a happy touch to add to the product. Centered in the minimalism, now he seeks to learn about the technology and the interaction design.



In this case, he presents Wee. This is a concept of a desk completely different to what we are used to. Usually, the chair and the desk goes separated, but in this case they can be together. The desk it’s completely entire, but there is a part that can be removed, and use it as a chair. What’s more, this is not statics, but it is a swing.



The concept of Wee it’s based to the fact that nowadays we don’t make enough activity in our daily life. As the living being that we are, we need the mobility to make our body work. But most of the cases, we are seated or layed down 10h/day. And what’s more, children and adults. Sit down it’s not dangerous, but the quantity yes, and this could lead to some health problems.



But with Wee the situation is different. The user, in this desk, can be relatively active while he it’s working, at the same time he can work in a more funny way. The inspiration of this came from the playground for childrens. On the other hand, while we are growing, our infantile and active side fades. But, why?



In Wee it is merged the concept of a monotonous object, the desk and another that it is believed as a infantile, the swing, to create a more dynamic and pleasant space of work



Formally, Wee is settled as a desk and the seat. This, is removable from the desk. Under the seat you can find the hooks that holds the weight, and if you can get out of the space, it can be opened. As if it is a door. This project was born in 2017 in Vilnius.



The materials that create Wee are two pieces of laminated CNC, and the legs made of tubular steel.