Black and white to impress, interview with Weerayut Kongthed

The Thai graphic designer, Weerayut Kongthed, captures those buildings that impress him in his daily life. His amateur photography in black and white, at the same time, has surprised thousands of users on Instagram. Kongthed or @wejude captures texture or perspectives reminiscent of abstract architecture through his photographs. Completely self-taught, he looks for art in the lights, shadows and gradients of the architecture that surrounds him.


Photography by Weerayut Kongthed on his Instagram account @wejude

How did photography come into your life? Did it come at the same time than Instagram?

I studied Basic Photography during my B.A. degree on Advertising and that’s the only photography course that I have done. Since then, I discovered that I love photography but I had not the chance to take it seriously.

When I discovered Instagram it was a great opportunity to show to the world my photography, what I see as amateur photographer.

In my opinion, there is a lot of graphic architecture. Being an art director makes me see the graphic of the texture, the structure, the complexity and other things that are parts of the whole architecture project.

Every time I see a building, a bridge or even a shopping mall, I look at it from a graphic arts perspective and not from the point of view of an architect.

I don’t like to take pictures to myself or daily life things. As a graphic art lover I think that architecture is an art that combines many types of art. I see that an architectural work is a statue of an era. We can see the past, the present and the future represented through an architectural work.


Photography by Weerayut Kongthed on his Instagram account @wejude


Photography by Weerayut Kongthed on his Instagram account @wejude

 ‘I think that architecture is an art that combines many types of art’, Weerayut Kongthed

Your Instagram account is a gradient in Black and White that comes into life as recognizable forms when looking to them one by one. How did that talent and interest of showing the world in black and white emerge?

The only reason I use black and white is because I don’t want that so-many-colors distract the viewer from the beauty of my pictures. I want to focus on the clearity and sharpness of lights, shadows, lines and the gradients.


What are your references?

My only reference is my intuition.


Photography by Weerayut Kongthed on his Instagram account @wejude

Could you share any experiences you have lived thanks to Instagram?

The first moment when I seriously thought that I could become an architecture photographer in Instagram was when one of my pictures was selected to be showcased in an exhibition in Singapore.

After that my photography was selected at other media: Archilovers (One of 15 best architecture photographers worth following on Instagram), Archdaily (One of 25 Instagram Feeds to follow now), Official Instagram as ‘the photo of the week’. And many other pictures that I have shared at my Instagram account @wejude, together with the whole account have been selected and featured in the field of architecture photography.


Photography by Weerayut Kongthed on his Instagram account @wejude

What does More with Less mean to you?

In my point of view, we cannot live in a world of just “being more” or just “being less”. Both More & Less cannot be separated. Some works of art that we identify as Less or Minimal, are the work that were distilled from a number of ideas and hard work.

It is the work that shouts loudly that comes in a quiet form. Just like my feeds…I want to crop and edit my photos in a quiet gradient black and white style but, in turn, it can express my strong impression on the graphics of each architectural work I see.


Photography by Weerayut Kongthed on his Instagram account @wejude