‘West Coast’ by Rasmus Hjortshøj

The series ‘West Coast’ by Rasmus Hjortshøjportrays the landscape of the Danish west coast. The architect and photographer develop their work in Coast Studio, mixing architectural design, research and photography.

Hjortshøj carries out an exploration of the territory in the form of a photographic report, portraying wild beaches, small towns or industrial zones.

Throughout the landscape, different elements are starring the photographic captures. Some of these are old concrete bunkers, which are abandoned since the Second World War and were built along the entire west coast. Other unique elements range from slender windmills to small rural houses constructed on the beach.

Throughout the series ‘West Coast’ by Rasmus Hjortshøj, we realize how the use of pastel shades generates a perfect homogeneity.

Through the different snapshots we get an idea of this particular landscape of Denmark, a mix between wild coast and landscape topped with a Scandinavian filter.

The endless beaches break any kind of scale in the ‘West Coast’ series by Rasmus Hjortshøj. Only when constructions appear, we get an idea of the magnitude of the territory, although at the same time they look like miniature models.

In addition to working several years as an architect at COBE, Rasmus Hjortshøj has produced photographic reports for a large number of architecture studios, mainly Danish, documenting works all over the world.

In parallel, Hjortshøj portrays the territory through several personal series and in collaboration with National Geographic Nordic. With the same particular aesthetic, the photographer transmit through these landscapes a kind of nostalgia and calmness.

Therefore, the series ‘West Coast’ by Rasmus Hjortshøj is a beautiful portrait of the most unknown coast of Denmark. The exposure game and pastel colors conform a minimalist aesthetic that has already become the personal brand of Hjortshøj.