Wine and painting, Reforming Gómez del Collado

Wine and painting, work of the Baragaño Architects studio, deals with the rehabilitation of a painting studio within the new home that he will share with his partner, located in Cangas de Narcea, Spain.
The project is located in an old industrial space linked to wine, within a building of the Modern Movement, made by the architect José Gómez del Collado in 1958.

Wine and painting merge within a fluid and dynamic space seeking the preservation of the industrial essence of the place it has since its creation and the adaptation to new purposes and needs that may arise in the future in said space.

The floor of the house of wine and painting is easily comparable with the stream of contemporary art Land Art, in particular with the work of Michael Heizer – Rift, 1968, in which a broken element organizes and arranges the space.

These elements commonly called modules, contain the equipment and bathrooms of the house, therefore are equipped modules that are integrated into the center of it.
With this, fluid and open spaces are obtained that can be compartmentalized in a timely manner, making the house very dynamic.
The existing concrete beam runs through the house and is enhanced by contact with both modules, dialoguing with the arbor beam that holds the facade.

The simplicity and quality of the details, make the project enjoy a simplicity and harmony that breaks with the encounters of walls, the generation of cross-sectional views and changes of pavement.

A real study! he said when entering


We sat, chatted and drank wine. He told us that his father had been a restorer and that he had learned the technique of painting with him.


– It looks so much like the wine we drink in Brittany, is not it true Len?


– Once a year, we are free, we pack our bags and we forget everything. A box of paints and an easel in the trunk of the car for me and a swimsuit for Vee. We stand where we want and we stay as long as we want. I paint and Vee sunbathes. A luxury boheme. What days!


– Could we see your pictures?


– You must be a happy man.


–  Because it says ?


– Because he can work here all the time / Hancock let his eyes run around the studio / I always tell Vee: artists are the happiest men in the world.


John Berger _ A modern day painter

(Text provided by the study)

Photography: Mariela Apollonio