Top 10 houses made of wood, vernacular or modern architecture?

by | 3 April 2017 | architecture

It is true that it is probably one of the most used materials in the history of humanity. Museums are full of objects that have been created with it, for example: papyri, crockery, cutlery, boats, etc. But wood does not serve or served only for that. Architecturally speaking, we can start from the primitive myth of the hut, where this material served to dwell and take shelter. As time was passing, new materials appeared which to build with. But undoubtedly wood, nowadays, is not only a material under which to inhabit but brings us closer to nature. In these times that pass so quickly and we almost do not realize it, a wooden house becomes a space of peace and quiet.


Here we bring you 10 examples of houses in which the wood, this material so pure, is the undisputable protagonist of them. Ready to enjoy them?

Rijswijk barn house, a country life

This volume of black wood seems to be hidden among the Dutch forests of the coastal town of Rijswik. Behind this image, is not only housing there is hidden. On the one hand, the rehabilitation of an old barn from the sixties. On the other hand, it is the dialogue between housing and the environment (forest and pre-existing buildings). The whole set forms the Rijswijk Barn House, a house in which the permeability with the exterior and the interconnections between the different environments of the house are rewarded. Wood is the undeniable material of this project, on the outside it appears black, unifying the space. It is in the interior where the wood acquires a clearer tone, creating a great contrast interior-exterior.


DC II Residence by Vincent Van Duysen Architects

We continue our journey through Belgium, in this case we move to the town of Tielrode. Vincent Van Duysen Architects was in charge of carrying out DC II Residence. The owner of the house moved from the city to a rural environment and wanted a home for that condition. The house was to be integrated with the surroundings and rehabilitate the granary on which the residence would be built. It is for this reason that in this house we can find reminiscences of the city and the countryside. Straight and basic lines and the layout of the facade material on the one hand and on the other the volume and the main material of use lead us to the rural.


Summerhouse Denmark by JVA

How to protect a house from the strong wind? That must have been questioned JVA architects when they carry out their Summerhouse Denmark project. The house grows fragmented into five volumes of wood that in some cases are continuous in the interior and in other cases they force to leave to enter in another space. But going out where? The backyard. This is the answer to the two questions. The patio serves as an area of ​​comfort against the wind and as a common thread of this project. This house gets the effect of a town around a square.


Gotland Summer House by Enflo Arkitekter + DEVE Architects

We continue through the Baltic countries, this time of the hand of Enflo Arkitekter + DEVE Architects. The project they carried out was a reinterpretation of a local construction typical of Gotland, Sweden. For this, the study of volumetry was very important. The result: an elongated and narrow construction with a gable roof. The main material is wood, on the outside appears dark, almost black while inside the white colour helps to create amplitude. In the project it emphasizes a covered backyard that divides the house in two zones; for guests and residents.


KOTI, a pop-up hotel of Finnish design

We head to Paris because of the centenary of Finland’s independence. Several Finnish institutes throughout Europe have organized the Mobile Home 2017. This project aims to expand the concept of Finnish style through architecture, art, science, sociology and experiences. With this background KOTI was born, a pop-up hotel designed in the purest Finnish style in the centre of Paris. This ensures a trip to the Nordic country to all guests visiting this hotel. To live the space of this place, some cabins were organized around the common space. These cabins were built in pine wood bringing the most precious of the country to the French capital: nature.


Algarrobo House, cluttering the order

We cross the ocean and head to Chile. This house is situated in Algarrobo, a coastal city. The architects arranged the house in the middle of a forest clearing. Thus the residence is made up of the contraposition of the “disorder” of the forest, created by nature, against the “order” of volumetry, created by man. The structure organizes the house in two, a volume destined to common areas and another to more private areas. Special mention to construction: the use of wood, in addition to getting closer to the forest, serves to create a prefabricated home. In this way the architects try to have the least possible impact during the execution of the work.  


Kea Boumanstraat in IJ River by Meesvisser

Floors, walls and ceilings are covered in wood in this house of the central IJ bay in Amsterdam. The Meesvisser architecture studio was in charge of carrying it out. The location of the project, in front of the river, allows the study to design an open dwelling of facade. Returning to the materials, the use of the wood used is very rich – changes of tones and textures allow to enjoy each space and make them unique one by one. This house demonstrates that betting on a single material does not have to be boring.


CML House, the richness of natural materials

Back to the Andean country, Chile, we find CML House, a vacation home in the middle of a forest. Four arms that want to get closer to their environment and give residents greater integration with the landscape. Each of the arms carries a part of the housing program. The materials used for its construction and lining try to be as less aggressive as possible, adopting the most natural and pure materials: wood in abundance, both structurally and as a lining and a concrete base, which brings us closer to the rocky ground.


Shingle House, a natural silence by Nord architecture

The sea, birds, flora and pebbles are the points of interest when architects designed Shingle House. This home is located in Dungeness, a nature reserve in England, in the heart of Kent County. Nord Architecture designs a house that looks to the horizon, characterized by its volumetry, three gabled bodies. The residence seems to perfectly couple to the silent around. In this environment, that invites to the solitude and the reflection the house camouflages to perfection. Wood-clad in dark tones opens inside to surprise us with a full white wood veneer. The union of the large windows, which invite observation and the interior-exterior contrast gives vitality to the grey landscape.


House for pottery festival by OFEA

You know when a project was funny while it was being designed. This is the case of House for pottery festival, a home that expresses taste and entertainment just after seeing it. Created by the Japanese studio OFEA for a family of ceramics craftsmen. Its profession stands out in all its corners. The handicap of this house was the small budget they had for its construction. It is for that reason that from the structure, even the linings or furniture are made of wood. The only exception, which creates contrast and gives character to the house are the metal stairs. It could be said that House for pottery festival, apart from housing is an exhibition space, a sample of the work of the family and wood.


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