Eagle, a collection of space lighting

by | 19 December 2016 | product

Eagle, is a collection of lighting designed by woodlabo. A young Finnish company, now based in France, which focuses the whole of its activity in designing lighting. Formed by 3 young designers who take the conquest of space as inspiration for the design of their products.


The Eagle collection is composed of five lamps. The shape and composition of these products were inspired by the Apollo mission that took the first men to the Moon in 1969. Woodlabo wanted to recreate in his own way such an important mission for humanity. For this, they spent about a month exploring places to take photographs of their products. Shocking scenes for the users and that give to the product of greater sensitivity.

The Eagle collection luminaires are combinations of modules that represent the different stages of the mission.



We find five very different illuminations visually, but with the same structural form in each of them. Made of plywood, and an interior aluminum structure. These components provide great stability and lightness to the products. In addition the wooden panels are separated by a few millimeters to let light pass, accentuate its outline and make the piece even more visually.


For the development of the Eagle lamp, the woodlabo team developed part of the fuselage of the Apollo spacecraft and transformed it into an eagle. And for the rest of the lamps in the collection: Orbit, Landing, Moon and Ligt off the designers focused on representing different stages of the mission.






For the manufacture of all models, the equipment took into account the environmental impacts that could arise.  For them, the lamps are made from sustainable European woods. And designed to produce few cuts in the wood, these are later reused to heat their atelier.




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