World Design Days

Today, April 15 we celebrate the meaning of design. Can you imagine life without design? This is the main topic of the World Design Days, that take place between the 12th and 15th of April. This purpose seeks to promote events around the world for discussing the role of design in all spheres of our society. Word Design Days gives us the opportunity to think about how design can bring us better into social, economic and environmental through activities carried out by designers, entities, institutions and governments. Incrising the visibility and value of the design are the purpose of the World Design days, a initiative of the IAD- International Association of Design.

Word Design Days wants to increase Design’s visibility and value

This project is divided into three days to disseminate about the challenges of design. April 12th focuses on the suggestions and concepts that shows us the creations from the future. How emerging designers understand de design of the future. April 13th is the day of innovation and creativity that is about shaking children’s imaginery. On April 14th, designers discuss about the problems that faces current design. Finally, on April 15th, we must emphasize the role of design and show all perspectives from a generational, demographic and glocal point of view.

We encourage you to share your projects and the process behind the scenes. More with Less makes an thinking debate through its Editorial and Opinion edition where we try to speak about the confluence of design and current issues such as sustainability, social networks, women designers or creative education. We aim you to share your projects even they are conceptual or finished because every idea has the same value for us. Sharing will help you to be discovered and will help others through inspiration.

Happy Design Day to everyone!