World Design Rankings reveals the most influential designers in the world

A ‘Design brings us the opportunity to get to know the best of the best in the world of design through its World Design Rankings. A platform called “Design Classifications” where the difficulty and competitiveness between categories and professionals, A ‘Design Award winners during the years 2010 to 2018, have been highly analyzed. The categories that are placed in the top 5 of World Design Rankings are those that have generated the most works, awards and attention in the design world during the last decade. In addition, within each category the best artists, designers, craftsmen or architects from around the world can be found. In this way, A’ Design Award creates a list where we can easily find the global references of the industry. Next, we present the five most influential fields and its two most outstanding professionals.

World Design Rankings highlights the global referents of the industry



Interior Space and Exhibition Design

world design rankings

In first position, we found Boyue Xijiao at the Kris Lin Mansion Residence with his interior design work in architecture projects. Boyue Xijiao Mansion has been his last work awarded in A ‘Design Awards where he integrates oriental elements in a western construction through Asian stainless steel screens to separate the spaces of the residence.

world design rankings

In second position, one of the most awarded, Ajax Law & Virginia Lung, they surprise with their extraordinary works in interiors such as Chongqing Mountain and City Sales Office. This project, gold winner in 2012, calls for the idea of ​​”mountain” into a program where the triangle creates an abrupt space like the landscape surrounding the building.


Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design 

world design rankings furniture

The Brazilian studio Mula Preta Design is the most remarkable in the furniture category. In 2015 they won bronze for their RETA chair inspired by the straight line concept.


The Taiwanese Daisuke Nagatomo is the second with a very different variety of furniture projects where we can highlight Rocking Dolphin. This child’s swing is made with 100% natural wood sheets and assembled with steel.


Packaging Design

world design awards architecture-home

The British study Springetts Brand Design Consultants has received the greatest number of awards in the packaging category. Last year, they won the gold with their William’s Conserve project. They created a design that would make them “not want to hide the preserves in the closet”, according to them.

world design awards architecture-product

Guilherme Jardim, through the work done since his studio, has reached the second position with a great variety of bottled packaging. Tgtl-Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bottle is proof of the excellence of its work.


Architecture, Building and Structure Design


Among the winning projects of an A ‘Design Award, the Lebanese Marwan Zgheib is the most prestigious architect in World Design Rankings. Among its projects, West Bay Lagoon Plaza is a residential tower that alters the usual shape of the skyscraper.

world design awards architecture-home

Works such as S-Cube Chalet Beach House have placed AGi architects in one of the most influential architecture studios.


Graphics and Visual Communication Design 

world design rankings brochure

Katsumi Tamura is the most awarded designer in the graphic category. With his ingenious projects, he creates new ways of interacting with everyday objects such as Calendar 2018 “Puzzle”.

world design rankings grahic

The E-graphics communications studio is responsible for the layout and communication of products. The brochure for the Nissan Nv350 is proof of its communicative capacity through graphic elements.

Remember that you can also appear as one of the most influential professionals according to World Design Rankings of A ‘Design Awards. You just have to register your project.