Wrappu, packaging with a unique imaginary

Wrappu is a packaging brand specialized on giftboxes, designed by two German designers  Ngaire Wex y Micha Kumf. These two designers started to learn the craft of paper by specializing in the bookbinding business, and it was that time when they realized how powerful and expressive the paper could be. Since then they haven’t stopped playing with this malleable and multifunctional material.

There are few packaging brands, whose visual communication is as strong as Wrappu is. The art direction and the photography with still-lifes photos, express a strong but controlled character. The identity has captured the DNA of the brand in a really good way.

The many Japanese references that the brand has are clear: elegance, perfectionism and honesty. These are some of the adjectives used to describe the Japanese art that are also present in the brand.

Wrappu is the perfect article for those customers with limited time but still wanting to give a stunning gift.

Wrappu as a brand rethinks the traditional paper process and adapts the new tendencies on packaging and visual design level, to open up a niche in the market thus fit into the contemporary age.

The most important aesthetics aspects on the giftboxes, are its bold and vibrant colours, the most used are electric blue, pale beige, bright yellow and black. All boxes are printed in Germany using luscious Pantone ink on 100% recycled card.

The costumer can find the packaging on four different types of organic patterns and each one has its own box model depending on the illustration. On balance, four patterns, four colours and four box forms.

The packaging box has an irregular shape, unusual for this kind of articles since it is thought that conventional (square or rectangular) boxes are more practical and save more space than uneven boxes. Wrappu shows us that is just a convention to think that, and if you don’t believe it just check out the guide they have created for those people difficult to convince.

Wrappu boxes are designed to delight the costumer with a universe of colours and shapes, with these giftboxes you will stand out in your gifts surely.