Zostera stool by Carolin Pertsch

 Zostera stool uses a biomaterial based on seagrass

Carolin_Pertsch_02-650x433In some objects we can see how vegetable fibers have been used as construction material, usually, waste materials from other processes such as food production. Industrial designer Carolin Pertsch noted the amount of seagrass each day reach the coast and decided to give them a second life.


After an investigation of the properties of Zostera seagrasses, the German designer decided to give a useful application to this material, resulting Zostera stool. The designer capture in a piece of furniture minimalist lines, looking for the contrast between the wooden legs and seat, thus highlighting the eco-materials developed.


The material maintains similar properties to the cork, resulting light enough. Agglutinated using a bio-based resin vegetable oil, the fibers are arranged in the mold in all directions, to provide structural stiffness to the stool.